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We have seen many different romanizations of our name: Owyang, Ouyang, Aoyong, Ao Yong, O'yang,
Auyeong, Owyoung, Auyong, etc.! The Chinese character is below.

Owyangs gather in Oakland!!!

Over 200 Owyangs and their friends gathered at the Silver Dragon Restaurant in Oakland on October 26, 2008. Especially for those from around the country who were unable to attend, we have prepared the following video highlights from some of the speakers we had that day.

Special thanks to Anne Huang and Roy Chan of the Oakland Asian Cultural Center for volunteering to shoot the still and video images. Photographs are available and just click on the links to view the videos on Yahoo Videos. The presentations were emceed by Don Mar.

Steve Owyang presented information on migration of Owyangs to the Zhongshan District of Guangdong and other areas of Southern China.

Michael Ho spoke about Owyang history and different spellings of the family name.

Sharon Wong Fong spoke about the Owyang influence in the Sacramento River Delta.

Grant Din presented a video about a family journey to Dai Liang village in 2006.

Our apologies, but we did not videotape historian Lim Mar's presentation on researching family history.

If you have questions about any of the videos, please email Grant Din at grant (at) Replace the (at) with the correct symbol (this method tries to eliminate "bot" programs that look for email addresses and turn them into spam).

Special thanks to all who contributed toward covering the costs of the event and so we could make a contribution to the village in Dai Liang. A family member will be delivering our donation to the village early in 2009.


Owyangs at a special preview tour of the Angel Island Immigration Station in October of 2008, the day before the reunion